World series of dating episode 2 muslim boy dating christian girl

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Harry: A big building company are building new flats behind here. There’s a guy who comes in here sometimes called Carlos – he works for the builders. I can’t keep track of what’s coming in and going out... My uncle works with us too, but he’s not really interested, so it’s all up to me... Turning cartel leaders into billionaires, the illegal drug industry also provides vital income to…

They want to knock down the café and Olivia’s shop to make more space.

I’m fed up of standing in that shop selling shoes all day, to tell you the truth. Hello amit_ck 'talking of which,' or 'speaking of which,' are used to refer back to what was said just a moment before for the purposes of linking it to a related topic that the speaker is just introducing after the phrase.

We suggest you do the vocabulary activity below before you listen.

Harry: Well, I could find a job that pays more, but I would enjoy it less...

I know there are some vacancies at the moment in the IT team...

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Bindyu: Erm, well, that’s very kind of you, but no thanks.