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Who is jamie lee curtis dating

Because she is a nice person, Jamie meets the minimum daily Hollywood dish requirement. Once in a while we’d sit around his trailer and talk.” During these infrequent schmoozes, Jamie came to a nice person’s conclusion.

“John and I were never sociable together,” she says. “I think John,” she announces, “is misjudged a lot” So is she — but that doesn’t mean Jamie covets Travolta’s center-slide position under the public microscope.

“I look at John like I look at my father,” says Jamie.

“Here’s this handsome, very young actor who’s suddenly one of the most popular people in the world.

It could not last forevermore, however, or even two days more.

Something awful, loyal AP readers soon learned, had turned the Curtis-Leigh home movie from Less than forty-eight hours after the world learned what keeps Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh’s perfect marriage unsundered in the mate-swapping melee of filmdom, Ethel chimed in again.

The ad shows a Godzilla-size Jamie Lee Curtis wrapped in a Danskin and John Travolta, whose chin dimple must be measured in feet. “Yippy-yahoo weirdness.” To get in shape, Jamie spent several months grunting through a four-hour-a-day regimen of aerobics, weight lifting and swimming.

The American Cancer Society-which had hired Tony as national chairman for its I QUIT program — was not amused.

Still, the Bronx-born Bernie Schwartz kept enough of his sense of humor to waste David Susskind. Middlebrow, Curtis blurted, “Better men than Susskind have called me lousy.” Kid Jamie was of no age to understand.

As Jamie grew into kidhood, her relationship with her natural father evaporated.

After moving out of the Beverly Hills house, Tony took up more permanent residence on the national gossip pages.

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scene, wherein we see there is a person inside Ophelia, the Philadelphia street whore, is where Jamie Lee Curtis proves she is an actress.