Vanessa lengies dating

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Vanessa lengies dating

In 2005, Lengies worked on the film “Waiting…” in which she played the jailbait hostess Natasha, reprising her role in the sequel four years later entitled “Still Waiting…” She also co-starred in the film “Stick It” alongside Jeff Bridges, playing a gymnast.

She was set to star in the film “The Grudge 2” and the script was originally written for her, but she turned it down to work on another film entitled “My Suicide”.

In 2017, she publicly confessed that she is bisexual, genderfluid and queer, through her own online series called “The ‘S’ Word with Vanessa Lengies”.

Similar to numerous actresses, she is active online through accounts on various major social media websites.

For her personal life, it is known that Lengies was in a relationship with actor Jamie Waylett in 2007, but it didn’t last long.

During her time in “Glee”, she was romantically linked to actor Kevin Mc Hale and it was later confirmed that the two were in a relationship, but that also didn’t last long.

She has achieved a nice physique by doing kettlebell workout for 6 months for the 2011 movie Sucker Punch.

She did the role of Tiffany when she appeared in episode #4 of season 1 titled “Still Rocking”.

She has done other shows as well, but mostly they are also just 1 or 2 appearances.

Afterwards, she began her pursuit of an acting career, appearing in various Canadian television series such as “Popular Mechanics for Kids”, “Radio Active” and “Are You Afraid of the Dark?

”She also lent her voice to the animated series “Arthur”, and had a lead role in the film “Ratz”.

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On Instagram she mainly posts personal pictures and with friends.