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Validating act

In Catholic canon law, a validation of marriage or convalidation of marriage is the validation of a Catholic putative marriage.

A putative marriage is one when at least one party to the marriage wrongly believes it to be valid.

Received the assent of the Governor of Punjab on the 17th April, 1973 and was published in the Punjab Gazette, (Extra), Legislative Supplement, Part I dated April 19, 1973/Chaitra 29, 1895.

An Act to validate certain registrations and matters appurtenant thereto.

Verification letters are best used in two circumstances: If the debt is nearing its statute of limitations, for example, you may be better off ignoring debt collection notices than drawing more attention to yourself with a verification letter. The key is to be thorough in your request for debt verification.

In your letter, ask for details on: You may want to send this letter by certified mail and request return receipt so you can document the correspondence between you and the debt collector.

Although you can ask for many details, debt collectors are only required to provide information on the original creditor, the balanced owed and the name of the person who owes the debt before resuming collection efforts.

Getting even that amount of information, however, can help you determine if you actually owe this debt, if it’s past the statute of limitations, or if there’s an error such as overstatement of the amount owed.

In that case — or if you never received a validation notice — you can request a verification letter proving this debt is in fact yours.The Pope or a bishop can give a dispensation to an impediment, giving the marriage retroactive validation called radical sanation or sanatio in radice (Latin: "healing in the root").Some impediments can only be dispensed by the pope When the impediment is removed or dispensed, the consent is ipso facto ratified and no renovation is required.The debt validation letter includes: If you don’t receive a validation notice within 10 days of the first contact, request one from the debt collector the next time you’re contacted.Ask for the debt collector’s mailing address at this time as well, in case you decide to request a debt verification letter.

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You have the right to ask them to send proof of that debt, the amount they claim you owe, and their legal ability to collect the debt from you.