Updating ipod software different computer

Posted by / 02-Jul-2020 13:41

Updating ipod software different computer

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Keep in mind that your i Pod syncs to your computer, not the other way around. ”“After some problems with my i Pod, I reinstalled Itunes. They saw folders but said the folders were empty or unrecoverable. the only feature missing from the shareware version is the restore feature.These updates can be downloaded and installed directly onto the i Pod.In order to update the software on a 2nd generation i Pod, you will need to sync that portable device with the i Tunes software that is installed on your computer.Click the 2nd generation i Pod name under “Devices” on the left portion of i Tunes.Two buttons will become visible inside the middle i Tunes window. If an update is available, an alert will open in i Tunes.

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I found an i Pod Touch that has been sitting in the closet for about a year and want to update the firmware operating system [ed note: it’s actually called “i OS” now]. I have an i Pod Touch I won at a trade show, then lost about a year ago… Seriously, though, it’s pretty easy to update the software on your i Pod Touch, i Pod Classic or any other i Pod device, regardless of how old it is: Just plug it in to a computer running i Tunes and once it sees the device, it’ll prompt you to update things.