Updating arecord in access form Moji kontakti sex

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Updating arecord in access form

I wouldn't have used the parent syntax, rather the Forms! However, after re-reading your first post, I'm trying to visualize what data on a main form that you would want to "refresh" anyway because it doesn't seem to fit the model. Find First "[tbl Authors].[Author ID] = " & var Place Holder End Sub Here's a complete working example. The main form is supposed to hold the data for the "one" side of a table, and the sub holds the "many" side of the other table and there is supposed to be one or more fields that tie them together in a one-to-many relationship. The code is in the after Update event of a text box in the subform. Author ID is the PK of tbl Authors, which is in txt Author ID on the main form.

As mentioned in my last post, I don't have the benefit of seeing your code, so I think there's nothing else I can offer.

But even if refresh worked, how would I implement a main form refresh based on changes made in the sub form?

Requery updates the info, but moves away from the desired record.

Figure 11 Set the focus on Last Name Figure 12 Using Find and Replace Figure 13 Locate the David Kennedy record The third method to find a record while using a form requires you to add a Combo Box to the form.

This will require learning a new skill, but it will be a valuable tool for all of your Access forms in the future.

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Suppose you need to update the record for David Kennedy. In this article we’ll review three methods available to find a record from within an Access form.