Troy dison dating scam Sexing picture xchange

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Troy dison dating scam

If you're not sure, take the time to research the company to make sure the job is legitimate.There are many online job scams that take advantage of job seekers in a variety of ways.Check out the company with the Better Business Bureau.

Other money laundering scams occur when an "employer" hires you for a fake job but says he can only pay you via direct deposit.Whether it's trying to sell services or paid training or offering to file for unemployment for you, there are many different types of scams to avoid.Here are some of them: Bait and Switch Scams With this scam, you apply for a job and are selected for an interview.He will then ask for your account information and personal information.Rather than paying you, he will use this information to access your account.

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Money launderers post jobs online or simply send out emails saying they are hiring employees to help process payments or transfer funds.