Strauss online dating

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Strauss online dating

The quadrille is traditionally attended by a live orchestra which performs the world famous Quadrille from the Operetta “The Bat” by Johann Strauss jr. We proudly present: in cooperation with “Vereinigte Bühnen Wien“: The singer and actress Patricia Meeden, presents songs from The Bodyguard Musical!Thank you for such a magical evening at the Johann Strauss Ball.

During the Viennese congress 1814/15, when political leaders where supposed to design a long-term peace plan for Europe but did not progress properly, it is said that the Austrian Field Marshal Prince de Ligne mockingly stated: “The congress dances, but does not progress.” This clearly showed the noble society’s change of attitudes at that time.Especially due to Johann Strauss’ worldwide concert tours, the waltz established itself as a standard accompaniment for noble events in Vienna and is still considered as one of the most popular dance styles worldwide to this day.At midnight we invite you to join us on the main dancefloor for another highlight of every traditional Viennese ball – the quadrille!During the 18 century, the Viennese waltz started to form in surrounding areas of Vienna and quickly became highly popular among common people.However, especially in the beginning it was considered vulgar by the Viennese nobility, which would not accept the indecent intimate contact between dancers.

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The glamourous ball opening will be directed by the classical Orchestra “Alt Wien” and accompanied by one of Vienna’s famous dancing schools.