Song seung heon and lee yeon hee dating neighbor and dating

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If I have a happy family, I would live more securely as an actor. Just like what Tae Sung said to Mi Do, I also want to be a father, and try hard to be the best. To build a happy family with my beloved wife and children is my biggest dream.Although this dream is simple and ordinary, it just isn’t that easy to do it.” Song Seung Hun is waiting for his love at first sight.My friends have asked me to go for arranged dates, but I have always thought to myself that if the time is right, I will meet my wife.I have been waiting with this belief.” “I really envy my friends who are married as they can go with their children to Namsan Park to play, or when I look at their photos with their kids in it.

He said, “Han Tae Sung and Song Seung Hun are similar in the sense that they don’t understand women.If you are in love with someone, you would feel great for the entire day. It’s like being Superman.” As he waits for his ‘Princess Charming’, Song Seung Hun who has high standards for his ideal type expressed, “My friends have all gotten married.I know the power of love, and I will only get married if I meet the right one.Viewers are thus curious as to who Song Seung Hun would pick from among them in real life if given the opportunity.After agonizing for a while, Song Seung Hun was unable to make a decision.

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Moreover, it seems that they have been referring to each other’s parents on the premise of marriage, sometimes being introduced.