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Sedating websters facts and phrases

Although Webster's name does not appear in this collection of Theophrastian sketches, it is generally agreed that he was responsible for a number of those sketches added to the original edition of 1614.

The circumstances of Webster's death are as obscure and uncertain as those of his birth.

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Webster's later dramatic work was sporadic and undistinguished.

The most interesting of his nondramatic writings are found in the second edition of Sir Thomas Overbury's (1615).

Henslowe's records reveal that in 1602 Webster collaborated with Anthony Munday, Thomas Middleton, Michael Drayton, and others on a play called was performed by the King's Men with an Induction written by Webster.

The Induction provides a revealing picture of an early Jacobean audience.

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The result is a very rich, full-bodied spiced rum that harkens back many years to the days of pirates and merchant men.

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