Search husband on dating sites

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Search husband on dating sites

Lots of people have a look a those websites out of curiosity, boredom, for the thrill, whatever, and even get chatting to people. But IMO if that's all that's happened, he needs to realise he's betrayed your trust and been a silly boy, and there's a lot of grovelling he needs to do, but I don't think it's worth breaking up a family over.

It's one hell of a step further to actually meet somebody in RL, and obviously if he has done that, or was intending to, that is another matter entirely.

I'm size 14 with boobs ruined by breastfeeding - he likes young size 10, perky boobs etc.

We've had our problems (he's been impotent for years and refused to go to doctors)but I have been sooooo patient.

He has gone to doctors lately and I thtought we were sorting stuff out...

Thankyou for your replies - I don't have anyone to talk to about this...x I have looked at dating sites and have looked at the one for people looking for a fling whilst being happily married. My Dh knows I do it (has even helped me get onto the married people one, laughed at me and left the room).

Also, I've been waking up in the night and he hasn't been in bed in the early hours.

Men going on dating sites are doing so to interact in that "way" for rl people and are 99% of the time looking for extras, I would believe he had cheated if it were me. He may well not have been unfaithful in the physical sense.Please don't think it could be caused by you having a body that he 'doesn't like' though! If he's in his 50's I doubt he's any kind of eyecandy with his clobber off either!Wouldn't we all say we like slim, young, perky, whatever, in theory.He needs to talk to you and also get some medical advice re the impotence.Would he agree to some counselling if he's not too good at talking things through with you?

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It's the going behind my back that is difficult and wondering if he is bored of me.

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