Quake4 friends list not updating Virtual chat sites for adults

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Quake4 friends list not updating

We are also excited to introduce some brand new elements to Quake 4: - New gametype - Dead Zone - New multiplayer weapon - Napalm Launcher - 8 new professionally made maps - 4 revized maps for additional Dead Zone support - "Buy" mode server option that allows you to purchase weapons and equipment.

We hope everyone enjoys the new content, features and fixes!

Clicking anywhere on the scrollbar except the button itself will advance a page up or down instead of shifting to that position.

Non-full server sorting now disregards full servers.

For a complete list of changes, please see the README.

The 1.3 update affects pure server and protocol consistency.

Game Browser sorting will display the correct server information without the need to refresh the list.Quake 4 update patch 1.4.2 corrects a range of bugs while adding new features greatly that improves the gameplay in both single and multiplayer modes.It also includes a stack of free bonus maps: Cavernous Cryonics, Central Industrial, Warforged, Stroyent Red, Retrophobopolis, Firewall, Stroggenomenon, Verticon, Outpatient, Skeleton Crew, Mind the Gap, Double Edged.Added Game Browser server list scrolling with the mousewheel, keyboard arrows up/down, and keyboard Page Up/Page Down.The Game Browser hover window will only appear when mousing over a highlighted server.

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Game Browser hover window updates when sort order is changed.