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After Mario collects ten Shine Sprites, Shadow Mario kidnaps Peach again and takes her to Pinna Park.

Mario defeats Bowser in a final battle and rescues Peach, letting them both continue their vacation. In Super Mario Galaxy, Peach invites Mario to the Star Festival.

She appears in Peach's Castle when the player comes first place in all tournaments, inviting players to partake in her tournament.

When the player comes in third place in the tournament, Peach appears in the awards ceremony to hand out a trophy.

Jocelyn Benford (Hotel Mario)Mami Yamase (1985-1989)Leslie Swan (1996-1997; 2004; 2007)Asako Kozuki (1996, 1998-2002)Jen Taylor (1999-2009)Nicole Mills (2005-2006)Samantha Kelly (2007-present)Jeannie Elias (The Super Mario Bros. Peach is generally known for being sweet, gentle, graceful, and well mannered.

In Super Mario Galaxy 2, Peach invites Mario to the Star Festival once again.Her main power is floating while having poor jumps, and is also the weakest character and has the slowest animation for pulling veggies. 3 Princess Toadstool sends Mario and Luigi to defeat the Koopalings, but in the English version, Toadstool plays a joke at the end saying, "Thank you, but our princess is in another castle! After she's rescued, Toadstool kisses Mario and Luigi, and both brothers and Yoshi watch the hatching of the rescued eggs.In Super Mario 64, Peach invites Mario to her castle for cake, however, Bowser pilfers the Power Stars and traps Peach in a fresco.After Mario rescues Peach, Peach shows her appreciation by kissing him and baking him a cake.In Super Mario Sunshine, Mario, Peach, and Toadsworth go to Isle Delfino for a vacation, but Peach noticed a strange a look-alike in the background.

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