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You can go to worthy.com/podcast to read some of her articles that you might find interesting if you enjoy this episode. I love writing for Worthy, I think you guys are great. I am still waiting for that to happen, but the weather girls were inaccurate. For a long time I just really didn’t like great guys, honestly. Audrey: I think so many people have that experience, too. Well, one of the things I see is that unfortunately, I see this actually a little more for men than I do for women, but the divorce has really, really crushed them. I mean, I don’t know if you can ever really be happy until you believe that you deserve to be happy. So a lot of people exit the divorce feeling defeated, and that is normal. You put your whole life into somebody, and then you walk away, and you have nothing. “I’ve been burned once, and I’m not willing to risk it again.”Laura Lifshitz: Yes.

You are becoming your best self, and you’re equipped with experience that helps you know what you want and need! Historically speaking, a very effective leader.” This was one of your favorite and our favorite recent quotes that we featured on our Instagram, and it is just one of many examples of a little bit of content about men, about your exes, about dating, about falling in love again, that you guys have really taken to, and so we know that you want to talk about love and dating after divorce, and we know that the best person to do that with is Laura Lifshitz, who is one of our favorite writers on our blog. But there were a few guys that I got attached to that I shouldn’t have for sure. I can say that if I’d knew what I knew today, and if I felt as confident as I did today as I did back then, my life story would have been totally different, but you know what? Laura Lifshitz: Yes, because a lot of it comes from … All my friends had been married, and I was like, “Well, I have to be.” And I really wanted love, and I think he did too. Our friends were all married, and we really wanted to have that for ourselves, right? Anybody.” And they don’t sit there and say, “Well, why am I attracting bad people? You know, the people that are like, “I’m never going to meet anybody.

Divorced Girl Smiling is a website and a podcast for those: thinking of divorce, going through one, or dating after divorce.

If you want a Cinderella story, be your own fairy godmother.

When you sell a piece of jewelry, you can’t control how much it’s worth, but you can make sure that you’re selling smart with a team of experts and advocates behind you at Worthy. it’s not snarky, it’s just very real, and very relatable, at least to me, so I enjoy writing for you guys. I mean, for you guys, I really focus on a female voice, but I do really try with a lot of my content. It was a failure, but you’re supposed to fail in life. ” And it’s, “Well, I don’t have money.” I’m single, but you know what? I’d really like a life partner, but then there are two other groups, right?

Your engagement ring can be a financial asset that allows you to embrace a new and fulfilling life after divorce. She is a graduate of Columbia University, and she is a single mom to a gorgeous and very adorable seven-year-old girl. Audrey: She is a wonderful writer, I think one of the funniest and smartest writers who’s talking about being a divorced woman and a single mom. You can also read her pieces on POPSUGAR Moms, and Huffington Post, and many, many other places. Audrey: We love having you write for us, and I think you’re one of the voices that makes our blog really special, because we don’t do the bullshit. We are going to be talking about dating and love today. Audrey: I want you to start by telling us a little bit about your marriage and divorce, just so we can get some background. We took a trial separation for six months, we tried again for another few months, and then we’re like, “You know, this wasn’t working.”I was the one who was like, “Look, I don’t think we can do this,” but it’s not like he was sitting there going, “Yes, I really, really want to be with you.” I mean, maybe he did, but I don’t know. So I said, “Let’s do this, this isn’t working.” That was four years ago, actually, like a little over four years ago. I’ve actually had men come to me and say that they really like what I write. Laura Lifshitz: Well, because I really try to think about everybody, and I’m super outgoing, I have a lot of friends, I love people, I really genuinely do. You’re not supposed to win at everything, and it is a big failure when you think about it, but you can turn it into a win, and I think that the most happiest people after divorce turn that into a win, and I see that the people that are struggling are not turning it into a win. I’m happy with who I am, and when you have that, and when you say, “This happened. Life is not what I thought it was going to be.” I never envisioned being a single mom. Laura Lifshitz: I want to say when it comes to love and dating, I want to say to myself, “I’m a person that’s turned this into a win, and I’m happy with who I am, and I’d like someone else to join me on the journey.” Right? So they’re the people that are sitting there like me, like, “I’m happy. Who wants to join me on this crazy trip called life? Then we have the hole fillers, so people who are like, “I need somebody.

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I mean, with the last group, the people that lock themselves away, it’s really fear, right? But at the same time, you can sit and be just fine by yourself, and there’s nothing wrong with being alone. When you have confidence in yourself and you have boundaries, it changes a lot. Don’t put in the effort if he’s not putting the effort in. Because we always make what’s important to us a priority. Audrey: I think that’s like the best dating advice just in general for everyone. Laura Lifshitz: Well, the other golden rule of dating that is something that I remind people of is you can not take online dating personally. For all you know, Joshua could have come out of the closet. Audrey: I actually have a friend who was dating a Joshua who ended things and got back together which his ex.