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Using this observation, behavioral scientists coined the term to describe the extra flashy behavior men display whenever there’s someone of the opposite sex near the area.But the question still remains: why do men do this? From an evolutionary perspective, peacocking is a behavior adopted by males of different species to increase their chances of attracting a mate.#4 The amount of peacocking increases as female attractiveness increases.Peacocking is directly proportional to observing a female’s level of attractiveness.

Most of the time, men who exhibit peacocking behavior are not aware that they do it.But guys take extra effort to make themselves look like a million bucks if they know that they’ll meet a woman they would like to impress.If by day he’s just a plain dresser, you would be surprised how he can transform into someone you won’t recognize overnight. Let’s say that there are a bunch of guys waiting in a room.Despite what they say, women will always have a soft spot for nice guys.You know, the type that helps elderly people cross the street, pacify crying babies, and ones who help overburdened ladies carry their groceries. Nice guys are easy to approach and less likely to make them feel uncomfortable.

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So in the context of modern dating, how do men display peacocking? A guy’s personal social media profile shows a good sample of flaunting if you look closely.

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