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Madiison dating

But, expect Austen to dish all during the reunion which gets taped later.

Austen never really seemed like he wanted to break up with Madison in the first place.

You all want to know if the talented Madison Keys is dating anyone at the moment, right? Maybe she is awesome at keeping her romantic life clear of the public eye?

If Madison Keys is dating, the question is, Is Keys dating a guy or a girl?

We did find out the lovely brunette is a clear supporter of the LGBTQ community and has her social media network accounts plastered with images of and her girlfriends having fun, but no sign of a male around and there’s no report on a past boyfriend either.

Depending on when finished filming, it may not make it to when they got back together.

Austen seemed flustered by the question, eventually answering, "We'll just see."The two are pretty chummy on Instagram, though, so it definitely could be leading to "the one" territory.

Yep, that's Austen and Madison with Naomie and Kathryn and some of their other friends in late April.

The full story will eventually come out either on the Season 6 reunion or in Season 7, but, for now, Austen and Madison have put the past behind them and are moving on through life together — whether Shep and Craig like it or not.

, but that doesn't mean these Charlestonians have stopped hanging out.

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