Kevin cheng dating west st paul dating

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Kevin cheng dating

" However, she indirectly refuted rumours of her being pregnant in the same Facebook post.

She wrote: " Lately there have been many rumours about us, and aside from Kevin and I getting married, the rest of the rumours are not true!

She decides to share the joy today and has completed a simple wedding ceremony with her family acting as the witnesses.

Niki is starting a new chapter in her life officially and the company hopes they will be a loving couple forever.

The 22-year age gap between the pair has also raised eyebrows. But in an interview with The Straits Times in 2016, Chan said that she did not mind being in a May-December relationship.

She said at the time: "We're equal partners in the relationship.

Chan, a Hong Kong-born Canadian, wrote on her Facebook page in English: "I believe many people have been waiting for I am, proud and extremely excited to announce that YES, I AM ENGAGED!Due to the early stages of the pregnancy, Grace allegedly slowed down her work to prepare for the flash wedding. Maybe it’s to create a more sensational topic.” Asked if she and Kevin plan to get married in Bali, Grace said, “Sorry, Kevin and I don’t have anything to announce right now.Exasperated by the rumors, Grace denied that she is expecting. I hope everyone understands.” Dating for three years, the couple definitely saw each other as future marriage partners. As to the wedding date, we understand everyone is even more eager than us. When we get married, we’ll announce it.” Jayne Stars Media LLC reserves all copyrights.We both feel incredibly blessed to have one another and we believe this is the perfect time for the two of us to take our relationship to the next level!Lately there have been many rumors about us, and aside from Kevin and I getting married, the rest of the rumors are not true!

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