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Kaki king dating tegan and sara

It's indeed a surprising choice but it really worked.

After the show I told Madi of how I had been a fan for so long and never gotten to see her before. Let me give you a hug," was her genuinely appreciative response.

The following night I was back home in Cleveland and (after dropping off at home the stray kitten I encountered that afternoon in Columbus and decided to adopt!

) went to see Kishi Bashi at the Beachland Ballroom.

The new versions of "Our Life..." and "For Real" in particular were amazing.

One of the (many) great things about Okkervil River is that each new album is truly its own distinct entity, not at all a rehash of earlier material, and not only that, but Will Sheff and bandmates have managed to continue to put out great album after great album while always changing things up.

This year's Away is the eighth Okkervil LP, and there's not a one of the eight that I don't love.

The third song was one I didn't recognize from the intro music, but when Will's vocals came in I realized it was a reworked version of "Plus Ones" from 2007's The Stage Names.

I've seen bands do live versions of songs that are very different from the album versions in the past. As the band continued through their setlist I came to realize that every single non-Away song in the main set was a very heavily reworked version of the original song.

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In addition to a number of her own songs, a fantastic cover of Paula Abdul's "Straight Up" was another highlight of the set.