K9 sex skype girls

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K9 sex skype girls

As he's licking think of a special code name you can call it to let him know that what he's doing is what it's called and that's what you want.

Call out the code name over and over and over as he's licking you.

Orgasm as many times as you can, squeezing the sausage's juices into your cunt. Let him lick your fingers clean and repeat the process several times.

After he's gotten the taste of both the sausage juices and your own juices on his taste buds gently pull him between your legs and draw his head towards your pussy. A dog loves to lick and lick your cunt forever he will.

Be patient, both with him and youself, allow several weeks (2-3 weeks) of giving him the code command for licking your pussy for it to absorb into his mind.

The more you allow him to lick you the faster he'll learn.

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And if you've got a system that works ya just don't go and mess with it.

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