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Is ralph fiennes dating daphne guinness

Still, it’s hard to look past beat out two of the greatest war films ever made for Hollywood’s most prized statue—it wasn’t even the best Elizabethan drama nominated that year.

Despite its relative obscurity, one of the film’s main themes—the jailing of French Jewish artillery officer Alfred Dreyfus—has been viewed by many critics as Hollywood’s first attempt to address anti-Semitism and the Nazi Party.In his feature film debut (another Weinstein production), Marshall gathered Hollywood’s top technicians and actors (Renée Zellweger, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Richard Gere, to name a few) to retell the story of a chorus dancer who murders her lover and achieves nationwide notoriety.Its lampooning of the American justice system and celebrity culture is entertaining, but it was facing better competition at the 75th Academy Awards.What Should Have Won Best Picture: is so famous a novel, even those who haven’t read are familiar with the tale of a plucky orphan who falls in league with a ragtag bunch of London pickpockets.Still, even a master filmmaker like Carol Reed can’t save this song-and-dance spectacle.

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What Should Have Won Best Picture: commits the cinematic cardinal sin: it’s forgettable.