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Director Patricia Riggen's The 33 was filmed with the cooperation of the miners and tells their story from 700 meters underground.

The 33 is Patricia Riggen's first major directorial role, though in 2012 she shot Girl In Progress starring Eva Mendes.

Continue: The 33 - Clips For most people in the modern world, they don't need to think about the consequences of modern day living, it's hard to think that people still need to mine land physically and often in treacherous conditions.

In 2010 the world was reminded of just how risky that job can be.

'Vampire Academy' is a fantasy thriller based on the award-winning teen novel series by Richelle Mead.

Rose and Lissa initially try to run away from the city in search of safety, but they are brought back and Rose is forced to continue her training.

Her mentor, Dimitri Belikov, takes time to help them in increasing their strength and making them equipped enough to deal with their foes - but there's deception everywhere, and not everyone is who they seem.

For the past few years, he has been listed by "People" as one of the "Sexiest Men Alive".

The death of Isabelle Reed thrusts her family consisting of her husband Conrad Reed (Devin Druid) and two sons Jonah Reed (Jesse Eisenberg) and Gene Reed (Gabriel Byrne) in to a process of bereavement in which they have to each manage their different stages of grief.

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He discovered his passion for acting later in his life.

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