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Intentional community dating

This six-month acceptance period can be extended under some circumstances.

This is followed by a membership meeting with the CMT.

An ecovillage is a human-scale settlement consciously designed through participatory processes to create regenerative communities and lifestyles.

Ecovillages work with the four dimensions of sustainability: social, economic, ecological and cultural.

(Provisional members who can't afford an exam can have one done at Twin Oaks. During the month away, all incoming members must also have a dental checkup and have all the necessary and recommended work done, unless they have already done this within six months prior to joining.

Eyeglasses and contact lenses must be brought up to date.8.

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Approved by Community Planners 9/96Clarifying corrections made 11/96I. At its discretion, the Community Membership Team (CMT) may excuse a labor shortfall in one week, but in any event, the prospective member is required to have made quota for at least two weeks.1. Co is given an informational briefing about the membership process.b.

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