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How to look imtimadating

Just her very shadow would make me cringe, and I spent a handful of years jumping through some pretty elaborate hoops to avoid uncomfortable confrontations and chew-outs.

But now that I'm older and I'd like to think wiser, I've seen the error of my ways.

(As in, she or he doesn't actually hate you.)While them seething at meetings might make you want to drink a whole bottle of wine after work, see their standards as motivation.

Career development site Levo advised, "Turn your trepidation into motivation!

This has nothing to do with sucking up and everything to do with making the office run smoother and more competently.

Your ability to identify mitigate issues before they arise is key to becoming an irreplaceable employee." Focus on the needs and priorities of the office, and they won't have a choice but to respect you.

I was young and had no idea how to handle having an intimidating boss other than going to the bathroom to cry in a stall, and was at a loss over what I could do to improve the situation and my day-to-day duties.

I didn't want to quit, but I didn't want to keep cowering in my cubicle, either.

I did a lot of lug shaping to make the sloping top tube work with these long-shen lugs.

During my first job out of college, I had a Devil Wears Prada boss who was crazy like Miranda Priestly, minus the glamour.

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While doing a good job might seem like the best way around a ruthlessly demanding boss, often times a stand-up performance won't do it.