Hot chat croatia

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Hot chat croatia

The skippers are experienced sailors and can teach you as much as you want to learn.We helped Chloe each time we docked or anchored, and when you get the sails up your skipper can show you the ropes (literally! We didn’t spend much time sailing on our week as we had a couple of seasick boatmates who felt worse from the sails than the motors, but if you get the right amount of wind and can hack the bobbing then you’ll come away with some sailor knowledge too.There were other boats that were full on all the time, and some who were there for a quiet week, so each boat basically just did what they wanted.So even if you’re travelling solo and you’re looking for a relaxing week to read some books on the deck, you won’t get thrown on a boat with party animals, and vice versa.We ate at local family-run restaurants and sipped mojitos at quaint little bars right on the water, and it felt like we were actually in Avoiding the popular islands also meant less wait time to get a table for dinner, lower prices, more authentic cuisine, photo spots with less people, and generally just more relaxing vibes.

We spent most of our evenings docked in bays with no other yacht companies to be seen, a rare occurrence in Croatia’s summer season.

From the get-go she was super friendly, joined us for dinners and drinks on the islands, and was the perfect leader for our week on the sea.

The Medsailors crew were all super professional and well-trained.

Croatia island hopping was an obvious choice and there’s loads of destinations and companies to choose from, but we decided on the crew are more than just skippers, cooks and travel agents (although they’re all those too…), they get fully involved in the experience.

Each boat has a skipper who doubles as a breakfast/lunch chef, then there are the crew who move around the boats and help out with sailing and docking, and then there’s Guest Experience Leaders who suss out all the logistics on each island and have loads of local knowledge.

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Each morning we’d sail about half an hour to an hour to a secluded little bay for breakfast and a dip, and we’d be there for up to two hours.

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