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Instead, their phones are coming out of the update process as paperweights, bricked beyond any usefulness, and with hard resets not doing the trick.

to be fair, many of those reporting back with dead phones also happened to have rooted their handsets, but there are also a number of EVO users running stock that aren’t pulling through the update.

Meanwhile, in 2008 the HTC G1 (aka "Dream") was released with the first release of the Android OS, featuring native multitasking--including support for apps that run in the background--which at the time the i Phone lacked.

make matters worse, Apple had been cracking down on hackers that released unofficial "jailbreak" versions of the i Phone OS that featured more robust multitasking than what Apple offered.

How To: Tether Your Android Phone to Connect to Xbox Live ( by Kevin Krause on June 28th, 2010 We recently saw a “portable” Xbox LIVE setup ( for gaming on the go, and one of the key elements to making it work was tethering the Xbox to an Android phone via PDANet.

A simple example might be a music-playing application; you'll probably expect it to continually run in the background, playing music, regardless of what other apps you've opened since you started playing music.

On the other hand, a calendar application may only need to to be updated every few minutes to check for upcoming appointments.

To you, the user, this appears as a list of running applications, both "backgrounded" and "paused." Now i OS users are free to stream internet radio, chat, and browse Geek Tech, all at the same time, regardless of how detrimental it may be to battery life.

As for comparisons between the multitasking implementations on Android OS and i OS4; The two are subtly, but fundamentally different.

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A Mobile Multitasking Primer it comes to mobile operating systems, "multitasking" is used to refer to two separate features: The ability to run applications in the "background" (that is, apps running behind the current app, as is the case on a PC), and the ability to save the state of apps to disk (effectively pausing them).