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I mean, he hung out in the Hogwarts library for weeks trying to find the courage to ask her out.That's pretty adorable, even if they weren't meant to be together forever.Ginny woke up with a start when someone laid a hand upon her bare shoulder. " She slowly sat up and stretched her arms above her head, one after another. " "No, I knowingly crawled into bed with you while naked if that's what your concern is, Harry." She watched the line of tension in Harry's shoulders ease considerably. "If you're STILL worried about both of us, we can all three go to breakfast arm in arm and then you can snog both of us senseless in the Great Hall if you'd like." "That sounds like fun, actually." "Remus would sure love to see that." "Mc Gonagall wouldn't." "I bet it would give Snape a coronary on the spot, though." As Harry's brain was in the process of shutting down again, he couldn't work out which witch said what. "Oh, to have a dose of polyjuice." Harry snorted out a laugh. She then went over to Ron's bed and shook his shoulder. " "Drink this," Ginny ordered, shoving one of the doses into his hand. "Because being in Harry's bed is a great deal more fun when I'm naked," she answered calmly.Her eyes snapped open to see the concerned face of Harry Potter hovering over her. When she looked over at Harry, she found him still kneeling at her bedside but his attention was definitely not on her actions. " Harry held up his hand with a vial of a noxious looking green potion in it. She reached forward one hand and cupped the side of his face. "Only if you're naked when you do," Ginny promptly replied. "I did." Hermione turned back to Harry, but he answered her question before she asked it. Hermione blinked rapidly for a moment before turning to Ginny again. " Ginny fought off the case of the snickers that was threatening. Harry gave himself a mental slap and dragged his brain, kicking and screaming, back to the realm of reality. "Imagine Ron's expression if he woke up next to Snape." "Or if it was Mum who woke him up," Ginny added. Harry pulled a nauseated face while Ginny and Hermione chuckled. As Ron slowly sat up and then drank the potion, Colin went through similar waking up motions and took the vial from Ginny without comment. Colin looked over Ron's shoulder and looked at Ginny for a moment with a raised eyebrow.

Her nefarious plotting was interrupted by a groan of pain from behind her. The coughing fit only lasted for a few moments before Hermione's eyes opened to see Harry standing before her. Once he was coherent, Seamus blinked at the two witches on Harry's bed (Hermione was resting on one elbow by now, the sheet doing an inadequate job of covering her) before kissing Lavender on the cheek and stumbling into the bathroom. Lavender smiled widely as Harry again was struck dumb. "My only question now is whether we can both marry him or if we'll have to settle for mistress or concubine status." Harry and Dean, walking out of the bathroom at that moment, stopped short at hearing Hermione's question.

Harry Potter brought us some of the greatest literary couples of our time, as well as some of the absolute worst. Anytime Arthur and Molly Weasley ever interacted, for example. Rowling was wrong about Ron and Hermione being a mistake, but OK, she was wrong about Ron and Hermione being a mistake.)Even if every couple didn't pan out quite as we hoped (Neville Luna 4ever), there are so many romantic moments that will warm your insides like you've been chugging butterbeer: Amortentia, as we all know, is the strongest love potion in existence.

And then there were those moments of true wizard-love that made all the awkwardness worthwhile.

★ His family making him promise not to mess up your relationship because they all adore you ★ Getting matching maroon sweaters at Christmas ★ Making him see that he actually is really intelligent and is perfectly capable of doing well in classes ★ Him making sure you know just how much he appreciates you ★ Him over exaggerating his pain when he gets injuries so you'll pay extra attention to him ★ Forehead kisses ★ Him losing focus because he gets caught up staring at you and admiring your beauty ★ Fred and George asking him if he gave you a love potion because they can't believe you would fall in love with such a git ★ You smacking both of them for saying that ★ You and Ginny being super close and ganging up on Ron every now and then ★ Occasionally quietly talking about your future together ★ "If we get married, you should wear those dress robes you wore to the Yule Ball." "(Y/N) no." "But you look exactly like your Great Aunt Tessy!

" ★ Him getting really annoyed because he wants to get you something really nice as a gift but not being able to afford it ★ Telling him not to worry about to and to just 'draw you a pretty picture' on a card instead ★ He does.

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Shaking himself back to reality, he said, "We'll have to have an in-depth study of this situation later. Hermione snickered as Ginny walked back over and sat down on Harry's bed, making no effort to cover herself.

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