Getting stood up online dating

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Getting stood up online dating

If it’s early in the dating relationship, I always meet somewhere that I will enjoy solo — a restaurant or bar that is not intimidating for a single woman.

That way, a late-arriving date isn’t a crisis, and I don’t have to worry about when to cut off the waiting, and a no-show isn’t the worst thing — I just enjoy myself! But, if I didn’t have anything else going on and it’s a nice day, I might grab a cup of coffee and read for an hour, just passing the time leisurely like I would have even if I wasn’t waiting for someone. If they had an unexpected emergency or stuck in traffic (big-city problems), I wouldn’t be annoyed.

When someone is really interested, they can’t wait to see you and will NOT leave you hanging on a date.”Of course, how long to wait for a late date varies from person-to-person and may involve several factors.

Below, 23 daters share how long they’ll stick around.

But I also know things happen, so 20 minutes is a fair buffer for me.”“I’ve been in the online dating world for seven years and here’s how I handle a late first date.

After five minutes, I’ll double check to see if I have the location right.

You missed the first goal, but you’re just in time for the second half.

I think it’s rude to be ‘fashionably’ late, especially on first impression.”“Having lived in a digital age filled with social media, it’s no surprise that we’ve become very impatient people with a hatred for patience!“If your date has called or texted, profusely apologizing that they will be a few minutes late, that is acceptable.If they do not contact you and it has been over 20 minutes, I would suggest that you leave — your time is important, but they don’t seem to respect that.”She adds that paying attention to these types of early red flags is very important.Susan Mc Cord, a dating/relationship coach, advice columnist, and talk show host who runs, thinks that it also depends on whether the person who is late has contacted you or not.“With all the ghosting going on with dating today, [people] aren’t sure what the proper etiquette is anymore,” she tells Bustle.

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