Friends dating in email venezuela

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Friends dating in email venezuela

El Aissami was involved in narcotics rackets from Colombia to Mexico.The department said that one of his underworld partners was that drug trafficker, Walid Makled García. El Aissami and froze his assets in the United States, which American officials said amounted to tens of millions of dollars. Makled, a fellow Venezuelan, bragged about his connection, Mr.Carlos Ramírez López, a Venezuelan legal expert, rejected the view that the sanctions were political. “They are not sanctioning him because he’s a revolutionary,” he said, adding that the Americans were following charges that had haunted Mr.

) so this post will really about dating a Venezuelan man.But Reyes was killed on March 1 2008 and it is unclear whether or not the Venezuelan government had been contacted about the plan.Three weeks later Colombia’s government announced it had seized 30 kilos of uranium in a rural area south of Bogota, in what was described as the first capture of radioactive material linked to Farc.The emails were recovered from the computer of Raul Reyes, a former commander with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Farc) who was killed by the country’s army shortly after they were sent in 2008.According to El Nacional, a Venezuelan opposition newspaper, Reyes received an email in February 2008 from fellow Farc commander Edgar Tovar, saying he knew a man in Bogota with 50 kilos of uranium who wanted to sell it at .5m per kilo.

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The current interior and justice minister, Nestor Reverol, faces a federal indictment in Brooklyn charging him with assisting drug traffickers in Venezuela in his previous posts — tipping them off to raids, obstructing investigations and accepting bribes. El Aissami, a leading contender among leftists to run for president in 2018, is the highest-level official yet to face such accusations. El Aissami did not respond to a request for comment made through the Venezuelan government.

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