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Days after a million people marched on June 9 to demand the controversial bill be withdrawn, Lam said that acquiescing to the demand would be like a mother giving in to her spoiled child.Later that week she agreed to suspend the bill—but not withdraw it as protesters are still calling for, along with other demands that include universal suffrage in voting for the city’s leader.In the 2017 documentary film about Leung’s journey from university student to a political rising star, Leung said that had he not entered politics, he would’ve taken an easy job that pays enough to get by, but that gave him time to play the guitar.Social worker Alfred said he and his colleagues have been working with a number of cases of young protesters who have had disputes with their families, especially as the protests have escalated.

His comments echoed those of Regina Ip, another pro-Beijing politician, who said protesters’ use of Air Drop and Telegram must mean there is a “very powerful big boss” behind the scenes.At first, he tried to drag young people away before tear gas was fired, but gave up after he was given the cold shoulder.“It took a while to sink in.They are grown-ups from a different generation,” said Fai.He and his colleagues have also been reaching out to counsel young people they deem at high risk of suicide based on their social media messages.Not all quarrels with family are caused by political differences.

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Edward Leung, seen by some as the spiritual leader of the current protests, is in prison for his participation in unrest in Mong Kok in 2016, after being earlier barred from running in legislative elections over his pro-independence views; others, such as Nathan Law, have been stripped of their lawmaker status.

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