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Understand that her saying no to a night out because she’s tired doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s not interested.In fact, she might just prefer a night in with you and Netflix.She can still eat out, she just prefers restaurants with fewer temptations (i.e., bread sticks! You’ve landed yourself a woman with drive, persistence, and best of all, loyalty.She takes pride in her appearance and is willing to work hard to keep a good thing going.Bear with her, and don’t forget to tell her how fabulous she looks!No matter your plans for Sunday fun day, meal prepping needs to be included.

Effective communication is defined as verbal speech or other communication methods to get your point across. It’s the ability to say something at the right time; to be able to get multiple people on the same page in a group decision.

She could always make this up later in the week, but that means a 3-hour gym visit on Wednesday – not fun. Fitness competitors see significant change every four weeks or so.

You’ll notice her arms getting stronger, her legs getting leaner, and her abs getting ripped! She may not see these changes herself, so it helps when others point them out to keep her motivated. Depending on her program, she may or may not have one once a week.

Perhaps you’ve just met an amazing girl who just so happens to be a fitness competitor.

Either way you’ll notice some interesting behavior that comes with the territory of competitive fitness.

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  1. Unlike other dating sites programs, if you are not satified with the service you can discontinue the service and not have to continue to pay for the service that you aren't using. So I still have to pay for this product even though I'm not using and don't want it anymore.