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With the holiday season fast approaching, these 5 dating tips may just be the answers you’re looking for, or tips you’re in need of for successful dating: 1. Ever wonder if the arrangement you’re gifting is sending the right message?

Flowers are an elegant and thoughtful way to express your feelings, but many flowers convey different meanings.

So mind your manners and keep sensitive information to yourself online and never ask for his identifying information.

One of the primary purposes of etiquette in general is to make others feel comfortable.

Whether this is your first time dating, or not, it’s always important to show respect and consideration for others. If you pay attention to these simple rules and conventions, […] I’m so thrilled to share some good news with my readers.

This morning I was interviewed by a wonderful women named Susie Hill from Kiss Radio in Vancouver, about Dating Tips for Valentine’s Day.

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If you are trying out online dating, there is a certain etiquette which you must live by if you want to succeed at it.

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After all, you are not face-to-face with this person yet so the only way they’re going to know you is through calling, texting, and emailing. When emailing your online date for the first time, don’t give them a whole autobiography to read about your life.

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