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They found this emotion to be nearly all-consuming when not with family or work colleagues.

One adult child commented about her father: After my mother passed away, he was very shut down, almost dark and extremely depressed. Participants discussed the demonstration of grief through crying.

One widower spent time with his own siblings and visiting his children. Another widower noted that it is difficult to talk to male friends about the grief experience.

These groups overlapped in that widowers may have used more than one method to combat loneliness.

Playing computer games required little concentration and helped ward off loneliness.

Maintaining a regular work schedule or a calendar of anticipated events helps to maintain normality and some excitement in one's life.

Participants reported some measures that were helpful to them in dealing with their grief.Among the activities that assisted in grieving were the development of new interests and hobbies.Some of these activities included building a loom and learning to weave, participating in local theater productions, teaching English, attending grief groups, reading books about death and grief, and joining a gym.Fathers with disabled children became more involved caregivers than they had been previously.The widowers had difficulty expressing their grief outwardly.

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Widowers' membership in their established religions was instrumental in the widowers' coping with their wives' deaths.

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