Dating tiffany silver marks

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Dating tiffany silver marks

Inside the cap of America’s Dorcas reads: “Dorcas,” size number and “PAT. Thimble cases were often made with a ring to attach it to a chatelaine for convenience and safe keeping.

The antique varieties almost always had a mushroom shaped pedestal inside on which to seat the thimble. If it has the pedestal, you may be sure it is actually a thimble case and not a vesta case or pill box. Look for those with an identifiable maker’s mark that is old. For example, World’s Fair thimbles were offered for sale only in the city of the fair’s location and only in that year.

After merging with Goldsmith in 1913, the letters were changed to “G” in the top part and “C” in the lower.

Dorcas At the time Charles Horner patented his Dorcas thimble in England (1884), silver thimbles already had steel caps to prevent needle piercing, but had unprotected sides.

American thimbles are known for scenic decorations, especially of farms and waterfronts. The French favored highly elaborate gold thimbles embellished with enamel or semi-precious stones, while the Norwegians were often enameled over guilloche.Thimbles for children were often sold in sets of three graduating sizes.Since children usually outgrew thimbles, a pierced one would have likely been passed down.But most were made of more durable materials, such as gold, silver, pewter, and brass.The majority of silver thimbles during the American colonial period were imported.

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Materials Needle pushers have helped sew everything from animal skins to silk.

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