Dating the old testament

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Dating the old testament

In the strictest sense, many of the writings of the Old Testament are anonymous. Only by tradition do most books have an assigned author (see table 10-1 for an overview).

Take the Pentateuch (the first five books of the Bible), also known as the Torah (from the Hebrew word for “the Law”).

This last argument is supposedly the strongest, yet it seems more wish than fact!

It claims the second part of the second part of Isaiah was written later because only a later date can explain the accuracy of the prophecy. A long list of arguments includes the similarity of writing styles in both sections, the consistent use of the same words throughout, and the familiarity of author is with Palestine, but not Babylon.

But others have produced strong evidence for Moses as the author.

As Gleason L Archer states: “When all the data of the Pentateuchal text have been carefully considered, and all the evidence, both internal and external, has been fairly weighed, the impression is all but irresistible that Mosaic authorship is the one theory which best accords with the surviving historical data.

4), Christ as a descendant of David (11:1,10), Christ to be filled with the Spirit (v.

2; 42:1), Christ to judge with righteousness (11:3–5; 42:1, 4), Christ to rule over the nations (), Christ to be gentle to the weak (42:3), Christ to make possible the New Covenant (v.

This theory postulates the oldest document was produced in the ninth or tenth century BC and the latest one during the Babylonian exile as late as the fourth century BC.

The 17 major and minor prophetic books seem to lay the strongest claims on authorship, as most identify those said to have received the divine words or visions that the books contain.

Critical scholars find various reasons to doubt the authenticity of these claims.

Evidently scribes who produced this scroll never doubted the singular unity of the book.

Neither did the New Testament authors nor the early church, as quotations from both sections are attributed only to reign of Christ in the kingdom (2:3–5), the virgin birth of Christ (), the reign of Christ (9:2,7), His rule over the world (v.

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The scope of this book does not allow an extensive examination of the issues of authorship and dating of each book Old Testament book. We will, however, discuss the case for authorship and dating for the most disputed and vigorously attacked books: the Pentateuch-Torah and the prophets Isaiah and Daniel. The author of the Pentateuch is not unambiguously identified.

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