Dating someone of a different religion

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Dating someone of a different religion

I was raised Christian and changed later, my son can do the same if he feels Christianity isn't right for him.

I'm leaving the religion aspects of our son's childhood to her.

I'd say three things made it a non-issue for us.

We discussed before having kids our general approach to raising them.

I go to a unitarian universalist church, and if you remember nothing else, I would expect you to remember religious tolerance. I married a Christian and divorced a couple of years later (for unrelated reasons that belong elsewhere).

Yeah im dating someone christian too, and we've agreed that we can never have/adopt children.

These expectations and limits have a great impact on dating. Religious dating only works if both people are devout in their beliefs. People must also be a part of the beliefs they support.

First, when one is looking at religious dating, they want to find a partner that shares the same ideals and beliefs they do. Some people want to date someone that belongs to the same religion, while others will date someone as long as they have religious beliefs. They must show others their faith is important to them.

One religious group stands out for its willingness to intermarry: the adherents of Jediism, which is based on the teachings of the Jedi Knights in the Star Wars movies.

Develin notes: “Jedi have the highest likelihood of intermarriage—it is hard to find someone with compatible midichlorians.

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We teach them act like good Christians but we don't call it that nor reference the Bible as the reason why.

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