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Dating over age 40

Attack credit cards and loans first, even if it means paying them off little by little, Sese says.

She recommends for tracking your spending or seeing a certified public accountant or financial adviser to help you devise a plan. “I Can’t Change Who I Am” While new encounters can cause some to become more open-minded, they can lead others to be more stubborn and set in their ways.

D., director of psychology training at Montefiore Medical Center.

“These automatic thoughts can fill our heads without our even being aware of them or their inaccuracy.” Not a good thing since Notre Dame researchers found that these fibs may impact your health.

We continue to grow as we age, and life goals and accomplishments do not have an age limit,” Holloway Hill says. “I Will Never Get Out of Debt” As bills pile up and collectors come knocking, the day that you no longer live paycheck to paycheck can seem like it will never come.

“It’s easy to get burned by your own experiences and then feel as if you’re trapped forever,” Zahariades says.

“Some believe, ‘If I show myself and get rejected, then that will mean I’m worthless,’ and they convince themselves that they’re destined for loneliness to avoid that potential hurt,” Sese says.

“Nobody wants to experience those kinds of pains, so we begin to try and control our circumstances by remaining in a job or relationship that is not fulfilling or ignoring a health issue for fear of receiving bad news.” And then we sometimes convince ourselves that we can’t change our lives, selves, or circumstances, she adds, so we sit back and accept things as is.

And we’re not only fudging the truth with our friends, family, and coworkers—we’re also deceiving ourselves.

“It’s an emotional and physical defense mechanism to distort the way we see things from time to time,” says Simon Rego, Psy.

Eventually we start to believe it.” To further convince yourself age doesn’t matter, surround yourself with people that have what you want and ask them how they got there, Bahar says.

And remember the cliché “you never stop learning.” “Personal and professional growth involves life-long education.

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