Dating hamster wheel of despair Flirt web sex chat

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Dating hamster wheel of despair

From a 2007 column, describing a recurring cycle of unhappy behavior.

Head to keyboard – An action of sheer exasperation. Annual chat events where we share our horror stories from the holidays or from wedding season.

Wading into the weekly Carolyn Hax chat can be a bit overwhelming for newcomers, with its insider lingo and seemingly opaque abbreviations. We’ve got you covered with this guide to some of the most-used and most-beloved terms you’ll come across in chat-land.

— Bacon pants – This comes from a 2001 chat and is one of those phrases that just kind of stuck and became all-purpose. Big girl panties – Use of this phrase has been banned since 2010, when it was officially retired.

palm,common name for members of the Palmae, a large family of chiefly tropical trees, shrubs, and vines.

When the tip reaches the heart, the small area that is causing the fast heart rate is destroyed using a special type of energy called radiofrequency.

Catheter ablation cures this disorder in most patients.

YMMV – Your mileage may vary — What other words and phrases should be included?

Is there a phrase you weren’t clear on that should be added?

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Heavy, pendant clusters of the sweet, nutritious fruits are produced; the yield after maturity (10 to 15 years) is usually from 100 to 200 lb (45–90 kg) or more per tree annually. (2.54–7.6 cm) long, reddish brown or yellowish brown, and somewhat cylindrical or oblong.

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