Dating dancing dreams and dilemmas

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Dating dancing dreams and dilemmas

In my second dream, I was contending for revival and was investing passionately in the prayer movement and a resulting massive outpouring of the Holy Spirit. I wept as I was dismayed at my wife's dismissal of legitimate encounters with Jesus as illegitimate whims. However, I knew that I couldn't force my views on her. Put your wine away from you.' But Hannah answered, 'No, my lord, I am a woman troubled in spirit.

My wife had a very casual, natural disposition as she was going about her daily duties at home. I cried out to her and said, "I know I can feel God! I have drunk neither wine nor strong drink, but I have been pouring out my soul before the LORD'" (ESV).

I've been talking to God recently about my desire to hear more clearly from him.

It seems that I've been in one of those seasons where I'm left to respond to the revelation that has been communicated to me over the previous months and years instead of fresh, hot off the press news.

Nobody realized we were being led as curious, careless tourists to the slaughter.

The atmosphere was dark and foreboding, yet I was the only one who was alerted and discerning.

My dad certainly was that type of person, and in real life, he was the one to lead many right into the presence of Jesus.

In the dream, he and I and a few of his friends were hanging out.

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I was struggling significantly to understand why nobody else saw the clear and present danger.

Could someone I trusted so completely like my dad actually be deceived? Fathers, leaders of our nation are doing this very thing right now. When pastors fall into sin, many people become disillusioned and fall away.

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In the dream, my dad represented a trusted fatherly figure who was leading a tour, or a journey, into a very dangerous Islamic region.

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