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Following the disassembly, all components are cleaned using appropriate solvents.The Curta is then re-assembled and lubricated to factory standards.Many of these "found" Curtas are then auctioned on e Bay to collectors who want the instrument restored to a clean and "as new" operable condition.The Curta is also an essential tool in vintage car rallies, where extreme dust and temperature conditions exist.Since 1986, Timewise has provided complete Curta maintenance and repair service to the Curta enthusiasts community.Timewise is recognized worldwide as the premier service provider for the Curta calculator.In addition, original factory tools and component clamping fixtures are used in accordance with procedures and workmanship standards set forth by Contina AG.A Curta submitted for a cleaning will be thoroughly checked for internal damage.

Always contact Timewise before sending a Curta for service.Details of scheduling the service work can be dicussed at that time.Many repair "only" service can be accomplished in short order, whereas a thorough cleaning and lubrication will extend the service time dramatically.Significant time is needed to achieve a complete and full restoration.Turn around time for cleaning a Curta varies, and can be many months depending on scheduling and work load.

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Typically, cleaning a Curta involves complete disassembly of the upper carriage and partial disassembly of the main body.