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When you meet her she will probably not be posting a pic of her ex on a site or talking negatively about him, but she will say something eventually.

The point is, she will react in a negative way when his name is mentioned. ’ on it, then move on and wait until she has dealt with her anger before you start to date her.

A person, man or woman who is angry and bitter can't resist making sarcastic digs at the perceived flaws they find in th opposite sex.

And these people tend to be kind of guarded with their resources.

It's only time that can heal the bitterness - but sadly I see too many people that hold their bitterness and anger so close for so long that they are unable to believe in love again.

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She may be emotionally stressed, where she becomes moody and upset for no reason.

If you hang back and check out their responses to what is going on between the two of you, the mistrust and hostility with be there to see. Oh and they always have an excuse on why things don't work out and the excuse is never them Would you want a bitter woman?Either way, you will have to deal with the stress that she is going through, and many times it will replace what should be happy moments with stressful and negative moments.All of these reasons are why it is always better to avoid bitter women and, instead, date a woman who has dealt with the break up in a mature way and has taken some lessons on how to be happier from the break up she encountered.For instance, if you laugh in the same that her ex did, then she may label you as a cheater – just like her ex, and you will have to constantly fight against the label when you shouldn’t have to fight at all.Also, if she is bitter then she is still focused on her ex.

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  1. : Being in the driveway 'chatting' in the car is not respecting curfew. ~The Doorstep~ The final teen dating tip comes at the end of the date. This does not mean that you have to kiss them, it just means that you want to see them safely inside.