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Dating antique sewing machines

Many major retailers also purchased sewing machines and put their company name on them.

At their peak in 19, the New Home factory was producing 150,000 sewing machines each year.

This is why an antique sewing machine can be worth so much at auction - because if they’ve survived, then they might be rare, and therefore quite sought-after.

Often, extremely old sewing machines have been lost in time or thrown away.

They ceased production in 1955 but made a wide variety of sewing machine types including hand cranked machines, the Parlor Cabinet Treadle and ‘Number Four’. The company made treadle and hand-crank models for domestic use, but it was also well-known for the industrial machines it made.

Wheeler & Wilson was most famous for the production of its hemmers. This included one machine which was powerful enough to sew together straw for hats and other purposes.

Sometimes collectors are interested in a machine because of its aesthetic value, and therefore are interested simply because of the way it looks.

Your machine might either be a domestic machine, sold for home and personal use, or an ex-industrial machine, used in a factory to produce product on a mass scale.

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Georg Michael Pfaff sewing machines were sold until 1866 by various manufacturers and then began to recreate Singer sewing machines and to build its own plant in Mozart Street.