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Let's say that you tell him about the email and it turns out to be true. Won't you feel obligated to hear his side of the story? If he were dating a student and breaking a real rule or participating in behavior that might cause someone physical harm, I might have different advice. But in this case, I fear that if you intervene, you'll just wind up stuck in a lengthy discussion about his new life. Even though she's technically over 18, this would shatter his respectability as a teacher, and I can't imagine that the town or school would have a positive reaction.But at the same time, I don't know if it's my place, as the ex, to go there.

After a breakup -- and a rejected attempt to get back together -- all you have to do is worry about yourself.

But I recently received an email from a former student who told me she heard about the break-up and that she can no longer look at my ex the same way.

I asked why, and she replied, "Because he's sleeping with a former student.

I do want him to be happy and move on if that's what he wants, but I keep thinking this can't end well.

– Confused in a Morally Ethical Situation, Boston Stay out of it.

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This can include charter schools, magnet schools, virtual magnet schools, regional educational school districts, or other entities falling under the definition above.

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