Chinese sks dating

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Chinese sks dating

Inspect the rifle for any Cyrillic or Asian language characters that could help you determine its country of origin.

Some rifles have no identifying characters, but Russian, Chinese and Korean rifles may. At the end of the serial number, there is a dash followed by two numbers.

Look at the two numbers at the beginning of a German SKS serial number to determine its date of manufacture.

For example, a weapon with a serial number 75 B1329 indicates that the SKS was manufactured in 1975.

In 1957 then, the first year designator is "1," 1958 is "2," 1959 is "3," 1961 is "5," 1966 is "10," 1982 is "26," etc.As mass production of AK-pattern rifles increased, the SKS carbine was soon phased out of service.The carbine was quickly replaced entirely by the AK-47, but it remained in second-line service for decades afterwards, and remains a ceremonial arm today.Such as but not limited to the type of barrel and how it is seated into the receiver. Norinco is sort of a generic term many use for ANY SKS made in China.The type of stock if it is numbered to the receiver and hasn't been swapped out by looking at the bayo cut or the wood line on the lower forward handguard area. While some indeed are stamped Norinco we find those to be of late production as for the time frame of the SKS in China.

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