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They are not allowed to do many things: it happens through Koran traditions.However, no one even thinks that Egyptian women are unhappy: traditions are deep in local mentality of these people.Also, there is a tendency among , who are not hurrying to get married and have children, and strive to get an education and profession. You can find them everywhere in massive numbers ,both cities and villages.The Top 20 most beautiful Egyptian women includes well-known actress, singer, model, winner of beauty contests, dancer and TV presenter with Egyptian roots, living in Egypt or beyond. They visit all places of tourism in necessarily they cover their faces.• Traditional Muslim women If you see this African woman ( it happens really very rare), you won't understand if she is a beauty and if she has very attractive shapes.Traditional women's clothes hide her face and her body, so that no one but her husband or parents can see her.Most of women who follow Muslim traditions, live in rural places and villages.The "average" woman in this country gives birth to 5 children, and families living in villages have 7, 8 and even more kids!

Although the country provides free medical aid and free education, the life of a woman with such a "team" of kids turns into an eternal care about them.Naturally, mothers simply do not have any time to work.Their job is to take care about their children, cook, make laundry.And local husbands respectfully call their beloved wives "Madame".Their character and passion can be seen, perhaps, better in a famous charming and magical belly dance.

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