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Candidating sermon

Presbybop now plays regularly at First Presbyterian and has played at churches across the country.With the popularity of that first service, Carter began looking at jazz and faith in a new way. “All the arts have a spiritual power to them,” he said.Soon, he headed to Princeton Theological Seminary, his car packed with clothes and his electric piano. His purpose was to work with and inspire faith within congregations -- not play music for them.He thought he had to choose between jazz and Jesus. In 1990, Carter gave his candidating sermon at First Presbyterian.- Micah Carpenter 2/19/17 - Unsung Heroes - Pastor Jerry Johnson 2/12/17 - Watch and Pray - Pastor Jerry Johnson 2/5/17 - Be Strong and Stand Firm - Pastor Jerry Johnson 1/29/17 - Passing the Mantle - Dr.The jazz communion during Labor Day weekend is an annual tradition at First Presbyterian Church of Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania. Bill Carter is a professional jazz musician who performs with his band, Presbybop. As the man known for both his sermons and his music begins to play, members of his congregation tap their feet, clap their hands and snap their fingers. At First Presbyterian Church of Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania, jazz music empowers. " - Pastor Jerry Johnson 03/10/19 - "The Road Ahead" - Pastor Albin Sterneman 03/03/19 - "A Simple Yes or No" - Pastor Jerry Johnson 02/24/19 - "Being Faithful to Our Spouse" - Pastor Jerry Johnson 02/17/19 - "From Porn to Purity" - Pastor Jerry Johnson 02/10/19 - "Reconciliation" - Pastor Jerry Johnson 02/03/19 - "How the Bible Fits Together" - Pastor Jerry Johnson 01/27/19 - "Salt and Light to the Glory of God" - Pastor Eric Nygren 01/20/19 - "Way to Be" - Pastor Jerry Johnson 01/06/19 - "The Lord’s Supper" - Pastor Jerry Johnson 12/30/18 - "Together" - Pastor Jerry Johnson 12/23/18 - "Peace on Earth" - Pastor Jerry Johnson 12/16/18 - "Emmanuel" - Pastor Jerry Johnson 12/09/18 - "Incarnation" - Pastor Jerry Johnson [audio not available] 12/02/18 - "Who Is Worthy?

He played jazz gigs on Saturday nights and sat in a church pew on Sunday mornings.Now the nationally recognized jazz ministry is expanding to offer four jazz vespers services in the next year as a way to explore the powers of music and healing.“The arts can touch or even heal some of us,” Carter, 54, said. A jazz approach is going to say there is always more here than what is on the page, and maybe we haven’t found it yet.” Like many churches, First Presbyterian has rich music offerings.He started to write his own music, and by the time he went to college, he played in a band every weekend.He continued to play while at Binghamton University, where he switched his major from pre-med to philosophy after several profound spiritual moments changed his path.

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