Billboard companies consolidating

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Billboard companies consolidating

Consolidated Bearings searches the world for manufacturers of a wide array of bearings and bearing products that will meet our customers’ needs and expectations, “consolidating” our findings into the largest variety of bearing products offered from one reliable source.

We sell to Authorized Distributors and Original Equipment Manufacturers throughout North America.

What is especially encouraging is that outdoor advertising grew faster than other sectors of advertising market.

This is all good news for such major players as JCDecaux, Clear Channel, Ocean Outdoor, Primesight, Vi (former Video International) or Russ Outdoor.

Moreover the research conducted by Future Foundation for FEPE International revealed that only 28% of consumers consider TV advertising as trustworthy; 24% put their trust in OOH advertising and 22% in printed media.

The shockingly low 3% think about Internet-based advertising as reliable.

Yes, the pharmacuetical company with over billion in annual sales, has a history that reaches back 344 years even though they were officially incorporated in 1927.

From corks to three wheeled trucks to pistonless rotary engines in automobiles.In spite of the politically turbulent times, Russian advertising also feels confidently.According to Zenith Optimedia Group Russia, the total growth rate is currently at 5.3% (this is lower than expected last year, but is still considered an excellent result).Orange Glo is a family owned soap and polish business that first introduced it's product to the public at the Arizona State Fair in 1986. This is an incredible story about a homemade product developed out of a garage that took the world by storm.Outdoor Systems is an Arizona based billboard company.

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Read about how Mazda broke ground in 1920, miraculously survived after 400 workers were killed by the atomic bomb, and went on to partner with Ford to make great cars that are enjoyed all over the world.

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