Bahrain dating scene

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Bahrain dating scene

Nearly all the ingredients used are imported from Central and South America from the avocados to the chili peppers, and his large team is comprised of Mexican chefs who each bring singular expertise of their respective hometown traditions — and often share their ancestral recipes.

“I consider each and every one of them my family,” Torres says.

The name Bahrain literally means "two seas", this is often understood to refer to the two water sources in and surrounding Bahrain - one being the sweet water springs contained within, the other being the surrounding salty water present in the ocean.

Three major names are associated with ancient Bahrain, they are (in chronological order): Dilmun, Tylos, and Awal.

Dilmun was an ancient civilization during the Bronze Age that played a role as a trade center between Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley.

As soon as he graduated high school, he started what he calls his “journey to study the culinary arts” and went off to Argentina to work for the legendary Argentine chef Francis Mallmann, who is known for reinventing the art of cooking over fire.

Then he made stops in places like Chile, Brazil, Mexico and Miami, among other destinations.

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Starting in March, Torres will institute a rotating menu to constantly refresh the offering of dishes and take advantage of the immense selection that Mexico offers.