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Specifies that Windows Automatic Update and Microsoft Update will include non-administrators when determining which signed-in user will receive update notifications.Non-administrative users will be able to install all optional, recommended, and IMPORTANT update content for which they received a notification.Options: if this setting is enabled, you can specify the time interval (in hours) that Windows Update waits before checking for updates.Specifies specify whether automatic updates are enabled on this computer.Specifies that Automatic Updates accepts updates received through an intranet Microsoft update service location if they are signed by a certificate found in the local computer's "Trusted Publishers" certificate store. Specifies whether a restart timer will always begin immediately after Windows Update installs IMPORTANT updates, instead of first notifying users on the sign-in screen for at least two days.

Specifies the hours that Windows will use to determine how long to wait before checking for available updates.The restart timer can be configured to start with any value from 15 to 180 minutes.When the timer runs out, the restart will proceed even if the computer has signed-in users.When you are disabling the Microsoft Update Service, on tabs you'll see "recovery" is set to "one" in "one minute" and "at restart." change that to "9999," "day" and no restart.This will prevent it from restarting the service automatically, unless you restart it manually.

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Unfortunately, there is no way to permanently disable automatic updates, but you can delay them indefinitely by using the Services program or by setting your Wi-Fi as a metered connection.