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Posted by / 18-Oct-2019 08:00

Recently, Forcepoint Security Labs have encountered a strain of scam emails that attempts to extort money out of users from Australia and France, among other countries.

Cyber-extortion is a prevalent cybercrime tactic today wherein digital assets of users and organizations are held hostage in order to extract money out of the victims.

In light of this trend, we have observed an email campaign that claims to have stolen sensitive information from recipients and demands 320 USD payment in Bitcoin.

Below is an example of one of the emails used: The campaign is active as of this writing.

Largely, this takes in the form of ransomware although data exposure threats - i.e.

blackmail - continue to become popular among cyber crooks.

Most online attacks today require a user's mistake (i.e.Try going to a bar and telling a strange woman you’re into S&M, and you’d really like to spank her. I’ve canceled my membership to every other site." Richard "Sometimes I just needed some variety, but I was constantly paranoid about getting caught.I love my wife, but sometimes I want to try something different.Furthermore, if the actors did indeed possess personal details of the recipients, it seems likely they would have included elements (, address, or date of birth) in more targeted threat emails in order to increase their credibility.

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It is using multiple email subjects including but not limited to: The scale of this campaign suggests that the threat is ultimately empty: between August 11 to 18, over 33,500 related emails were captured by our systems.