About dating older women

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Today I am over 25 and I’ve never gone back to dating girls my own age.” – Bryan (27)“I think we live in an age where there is a movement towards a proactive choice of NOT having children.I’m not saying it’s for everyone, but more and more people are making that choice.This obviously translates into various departments – whether relating to what’s going on inside her mind or what happens inside the bedroom.In all honesty, I’ve had some of the best sex and best conversations of my life with older women and you learn a lot from them.These women are usually successful and career driven people; they are self-sufficient and have some money to throw around. And who doesn’t enjoy a little luxury every now and then? She knew exactly how to get me right where she wanted me and honestly I had no problem going where she wanted me to go.

Others didn’t go out looking for a so-called cougar; it just happened.She supports herself and is very in touch with her needs.Some younger men feel like they can learn from her and that she has enough life experience for both of them.After a couple of disastrous failed relationships with younger women I decided that I’m done with the drama.I actually still can’t decide if it’s really just emotional stuff all younger women go through or whether they simply thrive on the rollercoaster. They’re not into silly mental games to get some kind of kick out of it or to proof their own self-worth.

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After finding significant success dating older women he shares his knowledge here and on several other personal development websites.

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